RV/Camper Roof Repair

Keeping your roof in good repair is essential to the life of your recreational vehicle. Moisture from leaks in the roof is one of the most damaging problems an RV owner can run into. First thing to do is follow your manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule for your roof.

At the beginning of the season last year I went through and resealed all the seems on the roof of our pop up camper, it is a 1997 Jayco. Then on our last trip of the year we got some rain, low and behold a leak appeared. We got home and cleaned and dried out the camper before packing it away for the winter. Upon inspecting the roof I found the problem, but left it alone for the winter. We have the advantage of keeping the pop up in the garage, so I was not worried about putting off the repair. If your camper stays outside you need to address the situation immediately.

I spent some time over the winter trying to decide the best way to repair the roof and not have the same problems again. I have decided on Eternabond as my tool of choice. After researching it seems to be highly recommended throughout the RV community. I will be ordering the Eternabond and begin making my roof repair in the coming weeks. I will follow up with pictures and a review of the repair process. Please feel free to visit our camping forum to discuss RV repair.

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  1. I have a 1997 Coleman Santa Fe pop-up and the plastic top is getting cracks all in it. What is the best way to repair it and what is the main cause?

  2. we have a 1996 Coleman Shenandoah and it is has cracks all over the exterior. How can we repair or repalce – ?

  3. chad wilson says:

    I have the same problem with our 88 jayco. I replaced canvas with new one and replaced the ac unit gasket. The only thing else to do is the center seam. It sound like I need the same sealing tape. I was wanted to know how it went.

  4. I have a 1988 coleman pop-upand the roof is damaged on the inside from water leak right down the center I stripped away most of the dry rotted celing panaeling and now im stuck not to sure what to do now ,so open for ideas we are dieing to camping

  5. We always choose metal roofing instead of ceramic roofing because we believe that metal roofs last longer.~~*

  6. I have an 99 hilo 22′ camper; the top got damaged in an hail storm. I had 1 repair shop tell me to remove the top and replace, the next repair shop said not to replace top, he said that would make the top weak, and he wants to put liquid rubber on top, which would be the best?

  7. Van I would probably go with the liquid rubber repair. But without actually seeing the damage I could not say 100%.

  8. ken calder says:

    my 2008 jayco motorhome as a fiber glass roof with stress fractures on right side
    no water leaks as yet
    i just dont know who to ask or the best way to fix it
    could you help please

  9. janet edmonds says:

    We have a 1997 Coleman Pop-up Camper and the exterior vinyl top is coming all to pieces. We have repaired cracks over the last few years with silicone but the cracks are now too bad to repair. An RV dealership told us that a new replacement top would cost over $1000 and we don’t want to spend that kind of money on a camper this old. What’s under this vinyl? I looks like some kind of metal. Do you think you could remove the vinyl and apply that liquid rubber over the metal?

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